USB Fridge

USB Mini Fridge – USB Refrigerator

The USB Fridge is a gadget that should more precisely be referred to as USB beverage cooler (and warmer) or USB powered 1-2 beverage can refrigerator. As the name implies, the USB mini fridge can keep one (or even two) 12 oz beverage cans reasonably chilled (or warmed) while powered by your computer's USB port. Due to its very limited cooling power and lack of insulation it can only do so if the can was already pre-cooled and you are somewhere inside. Do not expect this little chiller to keep your beer cool while you surf the web on the beach in blazing sunshine!

On the other hand, it’s limitations aside, the USB fridge can keep a soda can chilled (or your coffee warm) while you work at your desk and save you some trips to the vending machine.

Since a USB port can only supply about 2.5 Watts of power, this is the most limiting factor for the little USB refrigerator and the reason why it can only manage to keep an already chilled soda can cool and cannot cool down a warm can. But since it is USB powered, you can also power it from your laptop away from your desk and away from other power sources.

If you are looking for better cooling performance, you should buy a portable car mini fridge instead, but you need 12V (or 110V AC plus converter) to power it. All things considered, the USB fridge is a bit limited in it’s usefulness, but it can make a great gift for someone who cannot live without a computer!

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