Silent Mini Fridge

Silent Fridge – Silent refrigerator

Yes, the silent fridges do exist. Ever been in a hotel and wandered how come the mini fridge in your room is almost completely silent whereas your home refrigerator is much louder? Here’s why: the hotel room fridge is of the adsorption type. Such refrigerators do not have any moving parts like compressor or fan – the only thing moving is the gas inside the cooling circuit.

This is why they are completely silent – except for the faint sound of cooling gas circling. They have one weakness though: they are very inefficient compared to compressor refrigerators. In order to operate, they need a source of heat: either gas or electricity. The fridge in a hotel room is very similar to the fridge in your RV or camper, except that the hotel fridge only uses electricity as source of heat, whereas your typical RV fridge can also use gas.

Due to their inefficiency, fairly large electricity consumption and relatively high heat output, the silent refrigerators are normally small – up to a few cu ft. But if you ever had to sleep very close to a loud fridge, you will appreciate the silent refrigerators and will not mind their slightly higher energy consumption.

Why should you buy a silent mini fridge:

Reason 1: Will the refrigerator be installed in the room where people will sleep – like a dorm room, small holiday apartment, etc.
Reason 2: Does the whir and buzz of a normal compressor refrigerator bother you?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you should seriously consider buying a silent refrigerator. They are available and they are quiet, but there is a price to pay: they are smaller and less energy efficient than compressor driven fridges. But you will forever be saved from all the noises a standard refrigerator makes.

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