Propane Gas Refrigerator

Propane Fridge – Propane Refrigerator

Propane gas refrigerators work on the absorption principle. They have no moving parts (except for gas in the cooling circuit) and are therefore very quiet.

As their name implies, they are, of course, gas powered. Instead of gas, electricity can also be used to generate the heat needed for their operation – by adding an electrical heater, a manufacturer can quite easily turn a propane gas fridge into a two way or even three way powered unit (gas, 110V AC and/or 12V DC). Their down side is poor efficiency compared to compressor refrigerators when powered by electricity.

Some models are used in RVs while others are very suitable for remote locations without electricity – such as hunting cabins since only gas bottles are needed for their operation. RV refrigerators do need at least a small amount of 12V DC power to run the digital thermostat and ignition circuit, whereas gas refrigerators for remote locations do not need any electrical power at all. They use mechanical thermostats and push button piezo ignition for starting. Some of them do have battery powered interior lights for ease of use.

Refrigerator freezer combo units – normally top freezer models – and freezer only units are also available.

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