Portable Ice Maker

Ice Maker Portable

With a Portable Ice Maker you can have ice ready wherever you want whenever you want. These powerful freezers are capable of preparing initial batch of ice in as little as 15min.

Years ago ice was an expensive item – produced in large ice factories and delivered to residential homes for use in their cool boxes. Nowadays, you can buy an ice maker for a little over $100, add water, plug it in, wait 15 minutes and voila – your ice cubes are ready!

You can use them for your garden parties, in an RV or boat and since they are relatively small, you can put them on the counter top and use them in your kitchen. Portable Ice Makers are normally powered from grid – 110V AC – but they have good insulation, so ice will stay frozen even after several hours without power, so you can even bring them along on a fishing trip or a picnic. You can even use the ice to cool food or beverages in an non powered cool box or even a cooler bags.

They are capable of making about 30 lbs of ice in 24 hours – if that capacity is insufficient for your needs, you should look for residential ice makers.

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