Norcold Refrigerator

Norcold Fridge – Guaranteed Quality

A Norcold refrigerator is the right choice if you are in the market for a compact and portable refrigeration system. They are manufactured by Norcold Inc, the name you can trust when it comes to quality.

You will be pleased with the large selection of refrigerators that are specially-designed for recreational vehicles, trucks and vans.

They are quite unique and different than your regular refrigerator, intended for home use.

What Makes a Norcold Fridge so Unique?

Essentially, a Norcold refrigerator uses an alternate source of energy to drive the unit’s cooling system. The technology behind this is Gas Absorption and works the same way a typical compressor does. The only difference is that electricity is not required, which makes them the perfect portable fridges for people and families on the go.

If you think about it, building a refrigerator specifically for moving vehicles is indeed a challenge. But Norcold obviously has made it their mission to perfect their products and give their customers a guarantee that their units will meet all expectations. The company has specialized in RV and boat refrigerators since 1959 and their years of experience resulted to products that you can truly rely on.

If you do not know which Norcold refrigerator is perfect for you, consider the different types:

Gas Absorption Refrigerators – perfect for RV owners and their families since they are stylish yet functional. They

AC/DC Refrigerators – designed to last for many years thus ideal for vans, trucks or marine use

Portable Refrigerators – for extra freezer or storage space

The Good

When you buy one of these Norcold fridges, you will surely be amazed at the myriad of features that comes with each unit. For example, a Norcold RV refrigerator will not disappoint you when it comes to performance since their cooling capabilities are quite excellent. The units have adjustable door bins as well as rust-resistant shelves.

On the other hand, you will love the exceptional quietness of a Norcold marine refrigerator. Each unit also comes with accessible, large and adjustable storage space plus powder-coated shelves that are very easy to maintain. As for the portable Norcold fridge, it features an automatic temperature control and with a simple turn of the dial, it can become a freezer. You will also love the top load design and storage baskets that you can lift out since they translate to easy access and convenience.

Aside from these great features, all refrigerators from Norcold will impress you with the following:

  • Modern Design – these cooling units are designed to maximize space and at the same time lend the area a more stylish look.
  • Low Maintenance – a Norcold refrigerator are easy to clean and use. You will appreciate this feature when you are on the road all the time.
  • Quiet – these refrigerators are considered to be the quietest compared to the other cooling units being sold in the market.
  • Energy – Efficient – these Norcold fridges come with an alarm that will notify users if the door is open. The internal light is also programmed to turn off after 2 minutes if its door is open.

As for its price, you will enjoy great value for your money when you choose a refrigerator from Norcold.

The Bad

Considering they are designed and built by the best in the industry, there is really nothing bad to say about these fridges. Almost everything you want in a portable refrigerator is provided by a Norcold fridge. Of course, if budget is a concern for you, you might find the tag price too steep and settle for another brand that is a bit more affordable.


When buying a refrigerator, especially for your RV, van or truck, you will have to consider the quality on top of everything else. Even if it would cost you more than the other portable refrigerators, you can go to wherever you like without worrying if it would break down. Again, if money is not an object and you want a unit you can depend on to meet your expectations, a Norcold refrigerator should be on top of your list.

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