Mini Freezer

The smallest freezer only units

Mini Freezer is a special type of mini refrigerator which lacks refrigerator compartment and only has the freezer part. Most of them are of the upright type, some come as chest freezers.

On first look they resemble standard small refrigerators. They can be used where space or power is at premium – for instance in a remote cabin with solar power, in a small studio, on a boat or RV. They are normally of the compressor driven design and as such much more efficient than the cheaper Peltier cooler based cool boxes. They can be either 12V, 24V or 110V powered. Besides food storage, mini freezers can also be used for special purposes like storage of medical supplies or other heat sensitive items.

How to choose the right mini freezer?
Consider following factors:

1. Size: If power or space is limited (and we assume it is, since you are looking for mini freezers), go for the smallest unit that satisfies your needs

2. Power source: depending on usage, choose either a 110V, 12V or 24V powered model (24V is normally used on larger boats and trucks instead of 12V). If both power sources are needed, you can use a 110VAC to 12VDC (24VDC) adapter

3. External finish, ruggedness: if you intend to use your freezer on a boat or RV, it needs to be built sturdier than for stationary use. Consider a stainless steel unit – while more expensive, it is less susceptible to scratches than standard finish

4. Power consumption, efficiency: If power consumption and efficiency is important, consider buying a chest type mini freezer – they let less cold air out when opened compared to upright units and keep the internals frozen for longer period of time in case of power loss.

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