Mini Beer Fridge

Beer Cooler – Beer Refrigerator

A mini beer fridge is very useful for storing your beer cans or bottles. Since most kinds of beer taste better if chilled to a certain temperature, having a separate beer cooler can make a huge difference.

You will not crowd your regular refrigerator and you will be able to set the beer refrigerator to the exact temperature you want your favorite kind of beer to be.

There are three main kinds of beer fridges to choose from:

The glass door beer fridge: glass door mini fridges are mostly used in restaurants and bars, since the transparent door allows full view of the kinds of beer inside. Due to their attractive look, they can also be used at home or in a dorm room - you will be able to see when your beer supply starts running low and needs to be replenished. A glass door beer fridge can look even more attractive with illuminated internals, especially in dimly lit room.
The mini beer fridge: similar to glass door mini fridge in size and appearance, but with standard non transparent door. Some of them might even have a glass door, like the EdgeStar model pictured on the left. They are normally slightly cheaper than glass door refrigerators, but more discrete, since they do not allow the view of their content. On the other hand, this might be a disadvantage, since you need to open the door to check if your beer supply is running low. They can also be used to store other items, of course.
The six can mini fridge: This is a small, 12V powered portable fridge with capacity for six 12 oz cans. Very useful for camping, your RV or boat, but not suitable for home use due to small capacity (only six 12 oz cans) and poorer cooling performance compared to non portable compressor powered units.

Factors to consider when buying a mini beer fridge:

Type: see above and decide what type best suits you – portable 6 can unit, glass door or standard non transparent mini refrigerator.

Size: determine how many cans or bottles you need to keep cool. Most beer fridges have a 2 to 3 cu ft capacity – like other small fridges – and can hold a substantial number of beer cans or beer bottles.

Minimum temperature: decide how cold you want your mini beer refrigerator to be able to go – if you like to drink your beer very cold, make sure your beer fridge will be able to achieve such temperature.

Budget: determine how much you are willing to spend for your beer cooler. While pries are similar, it never hurts to shop around. If your budget is limited, the standard non glass door refrigerator might be a wiser choice.

Additional features: adjustable ans removable shelves for easier cleaning and for instances you want to chill something larger – perhaps a bottle of wine, a mini beer keg or that special imported beer in large bottles

Noise: like full size refrigerators, not all mini beer fridges make the same noise – some are much louder while others are quieter. Make sure your new beer chiller is not too loud before making a purchase decision

Finish and color: like larger appliances, most mini beer fridges are white. Consider buying some other, less dull color and do remember white shows dirt very easily. If you want your beer cooler to last a long time, consider buying a stainless steel unit.

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