Igloo FR834a Compact Top Freezer Refrigerator

3.2 Cu Ft Compact Top Freezer Refrigerator

If you are in the market for under counter or under-bar refrigeration units you cannot go wrong with the Igloo FR834a. Ideal as a space-saving home appliance, this model is also ideal for offices, dormitories and bedrooms.

This Compact 3.3 cu. ft. compact top freezer refrigerator is highly popular because it has successfully combined the functions of a refrigerator and a freezer in one compact and powerful unit. Its size complements any kitchen counter or wine bar. Customers want a lot of things from the products they buy. This fridge fits any bill of buyers wanting function and beauty in their appliance units. This small unit can improve any kitchen, office or dorm room with its sleek exterior look and highly functional interior. The unit passes the test of affordability with flying colors being competitively priced considering its great functionality.

General Features

The Igloo FR834a 3.2 cubic feet fridge has a cool stainless steel look which will match any color scheme of any kitchen, office, bed room or dorm room. Its reversible door considered space saving and versatility so owners can position it in any part of the room without obstructing other furniture or appliances when opening its door. This two-door unit separates freezer and refrigerator contents to keep them equally fresh.

Inside the unit you get transparent vegetable drawers and in a glass shelf for the high visibility of contents. It has an adjustable thermostat to correspond with the unit's content and for better energy consumption planning. It is HCFC free so it does not have anything that contributes to the degradation of the environment. In inches the unit measures 22x18x46. If you plan to purchase one, be sure that you have accurately measured the space where you plan to place it.

The fridge has a flush back structure that is ideal for the smart utilization of space. The freezer has an ice tube tray for your cold drinks. It is spacious enough to house your favorite frozen food like ice cream. There are slide out wire shelves for more convenience when storing contents.

It is a steal at a little over $300 and beats its competition in terms of affordability. The fridge is ideal for small kitchen units because of its under-bar design. Busy city dwellers will definitely be satisfied with the unit's size as it can keep up with their fast paced lifestyles. School life can likewise be hectic and challenging with students staying long hours cooped in their dorm rooms. They need a refrigerator unit to respond to their gastronomical appetites. Igloo is also ideal for small offices to provide food storage for executives and employees especially businesses that entertain clients and stay long hours for overtime work.

The Igloo FR834a is likewise very durable and sturdy. It can last for a number of years with the proper care and maintenance. Because of its compact design and its refrigerator-freezer design it is ideal for any type of food storage requirement and can be installed just about anywhere. It is likewise easy to move around so it can provide the refrigeration and freezing needs in any part of the home. Families can possibly send it off to their children in college and just purchase another unit for the family. The model is on sale at a wide range of stores and appliance centers. Repair will also be a breeze as parts and service is available everywhere.


There have been some issues relating to the maintenance of two door refrigerators which is what the Igloo FR834a is. The separate compartments some say is a bit of challenge to defrost and clean. But all in all the feedback on this model has been great so far.


  • 3.2-cubic-foot refrigerator
  • Refrigerator and freezer; clean stainless steel look; flushback space saving design
  • Reversible door; transparent vegetable drawer with glass shelf; adjustable thermostat
  • Ice cube tray; slide out wire shelves; HCFC free
  • Measures 22 by 18 by 46 inches
Igloo FR834a 3.2 Cu Ft Compact Top Freezer Refrigerator

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If you are looking for a sturdy refrigeration unit that will fit well into your limited space and your highly active life, you should go for the Igloo FR834a. It is designed to meet most discerning consumers who are out to get value for their money. The cool stainless steel finish of this model fits into every room in the house or the office and even student dormitories. Its affordable price fits any budget. The style and durability of this model ensures that it will stay with you for a long time and adapt to any kitchen design changes.