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The Igloo Cooler refers to the coolers offered by leading brand Igloo. Igloo is a well-known provider of various types of beverage and food coolers.

The company has a diverse collection of cooler series, the most popular of which are the Maxcold and the Marine Cooler. The MaxCold line features coolers designed for the more adventurous families, while the Marine Cooler line features coolers for larger usage purposes. Both lines include coolers of various sizes with rollers, wheels, safety lid latches, heavy duty handles, and so on. Best of all, the Igloo refrigerators promise portable cold retention of up to 5 days, which is longer than what other competing products offer.

Pros of the Igloo Cooler

The Igloo Coolers are highly recognized for effective long-term cold retention that can hold ice for as long as 3.5 to 5 days in a temperature of 90 degrees. This is made possible by the use of Ultratherm insulation of almost 3 inches in both the body and the lid.

Both the Igloo MaxCold and the Igloo Marine Coolers collection offer coolers of various sizes including portable camping coolers with rollers and wheels. These coolers are designed for a variety of portable cooling purposes so you can keep ice and beverages cold even when you’re outdoors.

The Igloo MaxCold line features different coolers designed for family outings and personal use. You can be sure that every part of the Igloo Cooler is designed and created with care. The wheeled coolers have durable wheels that can easily tackle any terrain for when you and your family take to the woods. Some models also come with a user-friendly and effective tow handle to make it even easier for you to haul your refreshments along. Some have safety features such as the Snap-lock child safety lid latch, or usage features such as drink holders. You will notice that most features are designed with families in mind.

The Igloo Marine Cooler line features coolers that can be used for larger cooling needs. The products come with ultraviolet inhibitors that can prevent sun damage. The larger models under this series features heavy duty latches with self-stopping lid hinges. For easier usage, there are larger side handles and dual drain plugs to help you drain the contents faster. Some models also come with skid pads for extra protection for the bottom of the coolers.

And of course, Igloo is also a highly reputable company, and they make sure every product that comes out of their factories undergo robust testing to see whether they meet Igloo standards. The bodies and lids of the coolers are made with shock-resistant plastic to keep your Igloo Cooler in great shape even with frequent use.

Cons of the Igloo Cooler

The Igloo name is now almost synonymous with all coolers in general due to its popularity. However, some Igloo fridge owners state that after some time, they experience parts problems with their coolers. This is something that cannot be avoided with any kind of product, and the Igloo products take longer to break down. The good news is that various parts can be replaced, but a lot of Igloo owners have problems finding the right parts that they need. Thankfully, Igloo do have a good customer support system that can help you find the right parts for your Igloo products.

The Real Deal on Igloo Cooling Products

The Igloo MaxCold series features some really intuitive offers targeted specifically for families, while the Igloo Marine Cooler series has some of the larger, commercial-grade coolers for heavier and larger cooling needs.

All products are durable: they are created using high-quality, wear-resistant materials, and they also come with features that provide from regular wear and tear. The family-targeted models feature additional safety features, and the Marine Cooler models come with extra features for more convenience even in heavy usage conditions. But remember, your cooler won’t last forever, so to lengthen its life span, you do have to take care of it. Igloo also helps you by offering various replacement parts.

In the event that you encounter problems with your Igloo fridge coolers, you can always contact Igloo Customer Service.

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