Dometic Refrigerator

You Cannot Beat Tradition

Buying a Dometic refrigerator, whether for your RV, truck or boat, is a smart decision. They are from a company who understands the value of quality.

Nowadays, it is all about quality and efficiency. It is therefore good to know that a Dometic refrigerator easily meets consumers’ expectation in terms of these two factors. Manufactured by a company which has been in the business for many years and has a strong presence in more than 100 countries, you can only expect high excellent performance.

To provide their customer satisfaction, Dometic has come up with different types of refrigeration units each designed to address specific needs:

Dometic RV refrigerator – boasting of the most advanced technology in gas absorption, you can rely on a Dometic refrigerator to keep your foods fresh while on the road. These fridges also feature durable construction while still sporting a modern and stylish design. Other features that come with each RV refrigerator include automatic electronic controls, 180 degree-swinging doors, door lock handles, removable door bins and versatile rack system. There are also units with ice maker, meat lockers and CFC-free insulation. You can choose from Dometic propane refrigerators with single door, double door, side by side and even four doors-style refrigerators.

Dometic Portable Refrigerator for Trucks – for the toughest road conditions, you will also need the toughest refrigerator. With a Dometic fridge, you can sit back and relax knowing that their many years of dependable performance would be enough to prove to you their excellent quality. The units come with forced-air condensers, quiet compressors and thick polyurethane foam insulation. They also follow specifications set by major truckbuilders. Types of refrigerators for trucks are:

• Drawer Type – features integrated control electronics, low voltage protection, easy pull drawer set of roller-bearing glides, easy temperature regulation and a safe locking mechanism. These units are perfect if you are looking to maximize space since you can install a unit under the seat.

• Insulator Type – these units are designed to transport medical supplies, flowers, food and other temperature- sensitive items. They also boast of digital temperature display, integrated battery for constant cooling up to 8 hours, adjustable wire shelves, energy-efficient air circulation system, interior LED lighting and precise set pint system. Also, you will be pleased with the optical alarm, double magnet-sealed doors and belting system. All units are crash tested based in ECE R80 guidelines.

• Portable Type – this type can operate as a freezer or a refrigerator. Features include quick chill function, battery monitor and memory presets. Each unit comes with special electronics that include a digital display and unique soft-touch control panel. There are seven available sizes and every unit can perform well even in an inclined position.

Dometic Marine Refrigerators – these units are specified by top boat builders in the US as standard factory equipment. This means they can be depended on to provide long lasting and excellent performance. The CR Series was even recognized for having an Award Winning Design which includes a lock for ventilation and an effective latching mechanism. Other features that make these units really impressive are blue interior light, protected evaporator, color coded LED indicator for improved diagnostic circuitry and interchangeable face panel.

Dometic Refrigerator – The Good
Based on the many amazing features, it should be not surprising that these refrigerators from Dometic are worth every penny. You cannot help but be impressed with the manufacturer’s efforts to improve their products and make sure consumers’ needs are met. RV and truck owners will feel right at home while boating fanatics will be content with the luxurious comfort and convenience these units provide. On top of all these, the energy-conserving features are quite welcome especially for consumers who prefer energy-efficient appliance despite the higher price.

Dometic Refrigerator – The Bad
As always, the only thing you will not like about a Dometic Refrigerator is the expensive tag price. For example, RV refrigerators can cost you between $800 and $4500. But if you have the money to spend, you should not think twice about buying one of these fridges.


Consumers have long decided that Dometic refrigerators are worthwhile investments. Considering that the manufacturer has the experience and technology to come up with really good refrigeration solutions, it is not surprising that they have become a household name. If you are looking for a refrigerator or freezer for your RV, truck or yacht, you should not look any further. Buy a Dometic fridge and enjoy fresh food for many years.

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