Coolatron Compact Koolers

Carry Refrigeration System with You on the Road

Koolatron compact Koolers are the most coveted compact refrigerators chosen by people who travel frequently.

The need for refrigeration and ice making systems has changed over a period of time. Consumers want larger fridges at their homes to pile up foods for the entire week. As people travel frequently for recreational purposes, the need to carry chilled food and drinks has increased.

This led to the introduction of compact refrigerators that can be carried easily.
Instead of compressor, it uses heat to propel the refrigeration cycle. Heat is generated either by gas (propane, LPG, natural gas, etc.) or electricity and there are two main types of absorption refrigerators:

Koolatron History

Koolatron is a company based in Canada with several stores and warehouses in many parts of America. The company started its first of its kind 12V portable thermostatic coolers. These coolers made it possible for everyone to be on the road at any time and still carry their favorite food and drinks for several hours. The network of Koolatron was expanded and it sells various consumer products through television infomercials and through websites.

What Is so Special About Koolatron Compact Koolers?

The Koolatron compact koolers are significantly different from other kinds of fridges. The mini fridge is designed to keep things stored inside at a temperature that is at least 40 degrees less than the outside temperature. You can carry the cooler in cars, SUVs and trucks as the compact cooling machine fits perfectly inside any car.

Refrigerators need power to run and Koolatron mini fridges are no exception. The portable cooling devices can take power from your car battery. Mini fridge operates on 12V unlike the other fridges that require 110 volts. The best part of the mini fridge is that it can be powered using cigarette lighter socket in your car.

You can carry as much or as little as you want in Koolatron compact koolers. Soda drinks, beer bottles, snacks, cooked meals and food of your choice can be easily stored and carried inside the mini fridge that is completely portable. If you are looking forward to a simple cooling system to keep your water, snacks and drinks cool at your office, you can buy one mini fridge and store it under your desk.

Koolatron Mini Fridge Models And Features:

P-85 krusader cooler is an ideal thermoelectric cooler powered using cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle. This cooler is a large model and hence it is suitable for a large family that is on the road often. Top lid of the cooler can’t be open completely when the heavy fridge is placed on the back seat of an ordinary passenger car.

Kool compact fridge KBC 88 is a good choice if you want an additional refrigerator for your home or office. It has 83 liters of capacity, thus storing abundant amount of snacks and drinks. Thermostat is adjustable and it has a magnetic seal on the reversible door.

P20 12V Koolatron compact cooler is a very good traveling companion that is powerful and sleek. It has 18 quarts space which is sufficient to hold 23 12 ounces bottles of soft drinks. It comes with a swinging folding handle for easy carrying.

The Bar on Wheels model from Koolatron proves itself to be a good outdoor fridge. Wheels help you move the bar to the spot where you want it. Internal shelves and external hanging basket increase the usability of the fridge. Rechargeable battery makes it possible to use the fridge for up to 4 hours without power supply.

Koolatron compact koolers are very popular among those who go for frequent camping and hiking trips. You can enjoy your outdoor activity thoroughly if you know that meals and drinks will be waiting for you, perfectly cooled. The power saving feature of the cooler saves you money. Cost of mini fridge is also less and you can find one for less than $70.

A possible downside:

Even though Koolatron compact koolers are designed to meet outdoor needs, it may be impractical to carry around a large fridge with you when you are on a camping trip. You have to invest a lot of money for a full fridge if you are going out as a group. In that case, it may be less annoying to find food and drinks on your path.

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