Coleman Coolers

Coleman Thermoelectric Cooler – Stainless Steel Cooler

Coleman is a strong brand for outdoor and free time equipment in the USA. Coleman Coolers have been around for more than 50 years. A product line still available after 5 decades are the steel belted coolers, among them the famous stainless steel cooler.

Most of their products are unpowered cool boxes, but there is also a line of 12V DC powered Coleman thermoelectric coolers available.

How to decide which cooler is right for you?

Powered or non powered: First thing you need to determine is whether you are satisfied with a classic cool box or you prefer a 12V powered cooler. Coleman has quite a limited selection of 12V cool boxes, but their selection of non powered coolers is very extensive.

Application: the right cooler selection is dependent on the intended use. There are more or less rugged models available, models which can keep ice cold for up to 5 days at 90 F external temperature – one model intended for marine use can even keep ice cold for up to 6 days! Some coolers have wheels, others have carry handles, some have soft sides, others are made of rugged plastic or even belted with steel.

Size: Coleman coolers come in many sizes – from the smallest soft sided units that hold only a few cans of your favorite beverage to the largest chest coolers made of rugged plastic that hold more than 100 cans. Something in between those two extremes will probably suit your needs.

Storage Duration:
how long do you need the contents to remain cool or even refrigerated? Like mentioned, the best insulated cool boxes can keep ice cold for up to 6 days without any power.

Best Coleman Cooler

Coleman 33-Quart Party Stacker Cooler

- Made of the highest quality materials
- Camping coolers
- Another quality Coleman product

You'll be the life of the party when you take along the Coleman 48 Can Party Stacker Cooler to your next event. Not limited to canned drinks, it's tall enough to hold 20-oz. bottles upright, and the wide base fits 13 x 9 in. serving dishes - you can easily pack something for everyone. No matter what you bring, the molded handles will make it easy to get it there. To add even more variety, grab a few coolers in different colors and organize your fun. Use one color to chill the adult drinks, another color for the kids, and keep food warm in yet another, so everyone will know where to find their favorite treats. When the fun is done, the specially designed base fits in the lid of other Party Stacker items, making them simple to stack and store until the next glorious get together.

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