Car Fridges

Always have a cold soda in your car

Car fridges (like the Wagan 6-Liter Fridge / Warmer on the left) are 12V cigarette lighter socket powered units, normally of small capacity, intended mostly as beverage coolers.  Some can be mounted in the back seat center, others are quite narrow and can be fitted between front seats. Most can cool 2 to 6 cans. Larger units are considered portable fridges, since they cannot be fitted in the passenger compartment (without compromising passenger capacity) and must be carried in the trunk. Just like portable fridges, some of the car refrigerators can also be used as warmers – a feature that perhaps is needed less often, but still can be very handy sometimes (to keep beverages or smaller meals warm).
A very handy feature some car fridges have is so called battery saver (you can buy it separately if your cooler does not have it). This small and useful device switches the refrigerator off when your car’s battery runs low. Can save you a lot of trouble! It’s newer fun when you try to start your car and find out the battery is flat… Car fridges consume quite a lot of energy – about half as much as leaving your headlights on. Even a good car or truck battery will be completely dead overnight. If your battery is bad, your car might not start after as little as two hours of running a car fridge! Better be safe than sorry: if you intend to run your car fridge from battery for extended periods of time or your battery is several years old, install a new battery, preferably with largest capacity your car can support. Even with new battery, we recommend running the cooler for 5 hours tops. You might also consider buying one of those cheap emergency start units just in case.
A larger and a bit more expensive car fridge unit. The Koolatron Compact Kooler is designed to fit behind a car seat and can cool up to 23 12-ounce cans 40 deg below ambient temperature. It is relatively slim to fit between van and SUV seats, has a handle and can be accessed using one hand due to latch-less lid.

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