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Mini Bar Fridge – Bar Cooler

Your home bar is an area for relaxation and entertaining guests. It ads value to a home and is a social focus of your house, an area for watching games and hanging out with friends and family.
An important part of it is the mini bar refrigerator and you need to consider several factors when choosing one. Below is a list of criteria for selecting the right mini bar cooler for you.

Factors to consider when choosing a mini bar fridge

Size: You need to measure the width, height and depth available in the designated space – this will define the maximum size of the bar refrigerator you can fit. Size will also depend on the number of guests you plan to entertain – if you plan to host large parties, you need a larger refrigerator, if it is for your personal friends and family use only, a smaller model will do.

Contents: what kind of drinks will your mini bar refrigerator hold? If you prefer beer, you need enough room for it, if wine is your thing, make sure the fridge has proper wine shelves. Some alcohol drinks also need to be cooled and need ample room in your cooler. If you prefer tap beer, you might consider buying a special keg refrigerator or Kegerator – they come in sizes that hold quarter, half or full kegs. If you really enjoy wine, a special wine refrigerator or wine cooler might be a wise investment. They have variable temperature controls to store red or white wines – some even have separate compartments so they can store red and white wines at proper temperatures at the same time.

Decor: There are many styles and colors available – the refrigerator needs to blend in with your bar decor.

Energy rating: as with other appliances, in the long run it always pays to buy Energy Star rated refrigerators – you will save money on electricity and help save the environment.

Other items you might need: a blender, an ice maker, an ice crusher. You might consider having a backup beer fridge combined with a smaller bar refrigerator.

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