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Welcome to Best Mini Fridge Reviews. We will give you information you need when buying a mini refrigerator.

We will present you with reviews, comparisons, advice and general information about mini refrigerators, so you will be able to make the right choice when buying the best mini fridge for you.

The term Mini fridge covers a vast variety of mini refrigerators. They can be differentiated by application, power source and principle of operation.

Mini Refrigerator types

Mini fridges come in different sizes – from the ultracompact one beverage can sized USB powered units to almost “normal” – though smaller – 5 cu ft refrigerators.

Many of them can be reversed to act as a warmer also.

We have categorized the mini fridges in different categories based on size and type and (based on unbiased reviews) selected the best in each category.

Why use a Mini fridge?

Mini refrigerators are very versatile. They can be used in a variety of situations and spaces. For example, you can use the smallest USB powered can cooler
almost anywhere – at your desk in your office, at home, in the car, on a camping trip, etc. All you need is a spare USB port of your computer or other 5V or 12V power source.

  • Glass Door Mini Fridge
  • Best Mini Fridges – A Selection of Best Mini Refrigerators
    Best Mini fridges – check out the recommended Best Mini Refrigerators in their respective categories.

    12 Volt Refrigerator – 12 Volt Fridges – 12V Cool Boxes
    There are two basic types of 12 Volt refrigerators: cheap thermoelectric 12V coolers and highly efficient compressor 12 volt fridges.

    Bar Refrigerator – Mini Bar Fridge – Bar Cooler
    Your home bar is an area for relaxation and entertaining guests, watching games and hanging out with friends and family. We will help you choose a proper one.

    Camping Fridge – Take it along on a camping trip
    If you plan a camping trip, don’t forget to take along a camping fridge. The electric cooler or electric coolbox can make your trip more enjoyable.

    Cooleman Coolers – Thermoelectric cooler – Stainless Steel Cooler
    Coleman is a strong brand for outdoor equipment in the USA. Coleman Coolers have been around for more than 50 years and we will help you find the right one.

    Koolatron Compact Koolers – Carry Refrigeration System with You on the Road
    When you hit the road, there is no need to stop frequently to get drinks because Koolatron Compact Koolers help you to carry chilled drinks and snacks with you

    Dometic Refrigerator – You Cannot Beat Tradition
    Buying a Dometic refrigerator, whether for your RV, truck or boat, is a smart decision. They are from a company who understands the value of quality.

    Igloo Cooler – Igloo Maxcold – Igloo Marine Cooler
    The Igloo Cooler shows other coolers how effective and guaranteed cooling is done. Need a cooler? Check out the pros and cons of getting one from Igloo.

    Kegerator – Keg Cooler – Beer Keg Refrigerator
    If you prefer drought beer, a keg cooler or kegerator is the perfect device for you. It can maintain an opened keg for months, without loosing any quality or taste of tapped beer.

    Mini Beer Fridge – Beer Cooler – Beer Refrigerator
    Since most kinds of beer taste better if chilled to a certain temperature, having a separate beer cooler can make a huge difference.

    Mini Dorm Refrigerator – Mini Dorm Fridge – Dorm Room Refrigerator
    A mini dorm refrigerator is an important asset for every college student and more or less a necessity. Will make them feel more at home, store beverages, snacks.

    Mini Freezer – The smallest freezer only units
    Mini Freezers are the smallest freezer only units. Can be upright or chest type, 12V, 24V or 110V powered. Besides food, they can be used for medical supplies.

    Norcold Refrigerator – Norcold Fridge – Guaranteed Quality
    Today, it is not surprising to find a Norcold refrigerator in an RV or truck. Consumers have come to rely on this refrigerator to meet all their refrigeration needs.

    Portable Ice Maker – Ice Maker Portable
    With a Portable Ice Maker you can have ice ready wherever and whenever you want in as little as 15min. We will help you select the right one for you.

    Portable Freezers – Why you should buy one?
    For individuals and families on the road, portable freezers are considered a necessity. These freezers ensure your food’s freshness anytime and anywhere.

    Small Freezers – Chest Freezers vs. Upright freezers
    There are many advantages to buying small freezers, especially in terms of saving space. But you need to determine which type will work better for you.

    Propane Gas Refrigerator – Propane Fridge – Propane Refrigerator
    Propane gas refrigerators work on absorption principle, have no moving parts and are therefore very quiet. Suitable for RVs and remote areas with no electricity.

    Absorption Chiller – Absorption Fridge
    An absorption fridge does not have a compressor. In fact, it has no moving parts and is hence very quiet.

    RV Refrigerator – Dometic RV Refrigerator – Norcold RV Fridge
    Dometic and Norcold both make absorption type RV refrigerators, but only Norcold also makes compressor units. Let us help you decide which RV fridge to buy.

    Silent Mini Fridge – Silent Fridge – Silent refrigerator
    Ever been in a hotel and wandered how come the mini fridge in your room is almost completely silent whereas your home refrigerator is much louder? Here’s why:

    USB Fridge – USB Mini Fridge – USB Refrigerator
    The USB Fridge is a gadget that should more precisely be referred to as USB beverage cooler or USB powered one beverage can refrigerator. How does it work?

    Glass Door Mini Fridge – Glass Door Mini Refrigerator
    Glass Door Mini Fridges are mostly used to store beverages or snacks. They can be used at home or at places of bussiness (office or fitness studio come to mind).

    Mini Refrigerators – Like normal refrigerators but smaller
    Mini Refrigerators come in different sizes and configurations: from the smallest bar or hotel room fridges to small fridge freezer combos, sized up to 5 cu ft.

    Portable Fridges – Take them with you wherever you go
    Portable fridges are mostly powered by 12V DC, shaped like normal cooler boxes or small chests, which can also be used in upright configuration.

    Car Fridges – Always have a cold soda in your car
    Car fridges are 12V cigarette lighter socket powered units, normally of small capacity, intended mostly as beverage coolers. Most can also be used as warmers.

    Emerson Compact Refrigerator
    The Emerson Compact Refrigerator could probably be the best choice for people who place a high importance on convenience and utility. This model has been providing top performance and value to millions of households.

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